Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Journey to Dublin

Tuesday August 9th 2011. 

We knew we were leaving around noon to head to Dublin, so many of us woke up early and headed into city centre to finish some last minute shopping. City Centre is much like inner city Philadelphia with many shops and places to eat. We enjoyed people watching and experiencing there culture. For example, McDonalds which you would think is universal was much much different. They have many strange combinations and add many different types of condiments. Sadly, we found out the hard way. After shopping we went back to spend our last few minutes in Farset. We definitely enjoyed our stay in Belfast. We learned so much about the history and 'troubles' that took place in the town, thanks to Jude, his family and friends. 

At about noon we climbed aboard the bus and started the second part of our journey to Dublin.On the way to Dublin many of us caught up on our much needed sleep. It took us about two and a half hours to get there. The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny and when we arrived and the city was buzzing. We are staying at Abbey Court Hostel with many of our fellow friends who are also attending the Young Mercy Leader's Conference. We are staying in a room with girls from our neighboring PA schools. Nineteen in total. You would imagine it to be wild, but we are all having a very nice time.

 Once we were all settled in, many of us went out exploring along the river Liffey, which is right across the street. Its amazing to see how many similarities we have but yet we are so very different. After exploring the GMC gang met back up and headed to a very nice dinner at the Elephant Castle, thanks very much to Fr. John whom treated us. After a lovely dinner and dessert we got cleaned up and headed to the Arlington Pub where we watched live Irish men sing and later watched Irish step dancers, both of which were awesome! Everyone had a great time! This experience so far has been one of a life time. Our eyes have been opened to many different cultures and traditions. We cant thank our supporters enough for this phenomenal experience. 
Enjoy following the rest of our week! 

Much Love,
Kellie and Amy

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