Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Heaven is now"

Hi Everyone!
Needless to say this experience has been a truly once in a lifetime chance and I am so grateful to share this with you. My second day of the conference began with a workshop titled "Are We Human Or Are We Dancer?" based on The Killers hit song. Lloyd Berkman, a schoolteacher here in Ireland, facilitated this workshop and I can say that it struck a chord for nearly all 15 of us in the room. He also played a few skits and songs that I will share with all of you because I know I will never forget how deep this music hit home to me.

We discussed the lyrics of the song such as "there is no message we're receiving, let me know is your heart still beating" and we all just discussed what we believed the songwriters were trying to say. Things only got deeper from there, and Lloyd led us on a journey in our hearts and minds and helped us relate what we were feeling to the power of music. The one item that hasn't left my head since that day is the idea that "heaven is now."

When we were all in a close circle, Lloyd stood and explained that in heaven, those we love are not hurting and he said the first thing he would do when he gets to heaven is to find his parents and ask how long they had been there. After a few silent moments, he said "they will say they have only just arrived." Since heaven is only now, there is no yesterday and there is no tomorrow, those who are blessed to be there can live peacefully without fear, anxiety, or yearning for those who are on Earth.Our families, friends and those we mourn will only have missed us but a few short moments until we are together again. I hope this post can bring any of you who are mourning a sense of peace and serenity like it brought me.

I hope to post more about my experiences soon and I have also included the press releases from on the coverage of the conference, but "until that day safe home to you my friend!"

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Songs from presentation...hope you all enjoy
The Killers- Are We Human or Are we Dancer

Jack Johnson-Home

Tom Baxter-Better

Lifehouse-Everything (Skit)

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