Saturday, August 13, 2011

Conference: Day 2!

Hi Everyone,

It's Beth here talking about Day 2 of the Mercy Conference.  Thursday was another great day to learn more about mercy and Catherine McAuley's spirit & mission.  I attended a tour of the Mercy International Centre.  While on the tour, I saw many things which included Catherine's resting place in this beautiful garden area with flowers, a water fountain, and benches all around it.  Also, I stood in the room where she died and saw valuable items like the cross she held on her death bed and her rosary beads. 
 Beth posing with the Catherine McAuley statue in front of Mercy International Centre

After the tour, I attended a workshop called Out of the Stars.  It showed us how human beings originated from star dust because we have very similiar DNA components within our bodies.  I don't know if I fully believe it, but within this session the presenters showed us a timeline of how things and people evolved, so I want to investigate this topic more once I get home in the U.S.  After that session, I went to another session called Ways to Enhance Your Prayer Life.  It taught me various forms of prayer by doing yoga, journaling, singing, dancing, and listening to music.  It was a really great workshop to attend.  Later that night, there was a talent show.  Many people from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, and the U.S. performed in this talent show.  Some of the acts included performances of native songs & modern songs, comedy acts, and dancing.  Everyone loved the talents displayed in the show, and had a wonderful time cheering for our new friends we have made at this conference.  I am really going to miss these international Mercy leaders once the conference is completed.


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