Saturday, August 13, 2011

Augusut 11th: The Second Day at Baggot Street

Top of the Mornin' to you! (They don't actually say this in Ireland contrary to popular belief....and they don't have little leprechauns running around either!)

August 11th was day two of our conference and day two of our time at the Mercy International Centre on Baggot Street in Dublin. Walking in those grand front doors where Catherine McAuley walked is breath taking. Actually being present in the "motherland" of Mercy was inspirational. And knowing that I was in the place where Catherine McAuley started it all was truly a moving experience. Visiting the beginning of the Mercy world was really something special; after all, we at GMC wouldn't be here without what happened in the building on Baggot Street.

After a lovely prayer and a presentation that taught us how to best use the International Mercy Website,, we had a wonderful day of presentations and sessions to attend. Learning from the very Sisters of Mercy who are now continuing to do the work which Catherine started was indescribable. Catherine's legacy lives on and I know she is jumping for joy knowing that so many are continuing to do Mercy.

After lunch I sat outside for an hour in a courtyard where Catherine is buried. This moving experience solidified my true appreciation for a woman who made a huge impact in the world. I hope I can somehow follow in her footsteps and I know if I grow to be half of the Merciful person she was, I will have lived my life well.

Here's some food for thought: "Be the change you want to see in the world" ~Gandhi

That is all for now...thanks for reading and have a grand day!
Steven Rufe

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