Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Full Day in Dublin!

Hey Family and Friends! 
Thank-goodness for our safe travels home! A special thank you to Christine and John Amici for picking us up at JFK Airport in the rain!
Lets go back to Saturday though so you can hear all about our last day and night in Dublin! 

The morning started a little later than normal because everyone got to sleep in just a little bit longer since out conference at the Mercy International House was over! Who doesn't love a little extra bit of sleep? Many of the GMC, Misericordia, and Mount Aloysius group went on the Dublin hop-on, hop-off bus tour! Some of the iconic stops along the tour are St. Stephen's Green, Christ Church, Trinity College, Grafton Street, The Jameson Distillery, and The Writers Museum. Listening to everyone talk about their experience was great. Everyone seemed to like their bus tour. 

Katie Kane and I decided to just walk over to Grafton Street and do some well needed shopping! Grafton was buzzing and alive with people who all had the same idea! I loved the atmosphere of the streets of Dublin, everything just has a vibrant buzz that surged through you. Katie and I decided to grab lunch at the same restaurant that our group at at on the first night in Dublin called The Elephant Castle. We ate delicious wings and some chips! After lunch we did a little more shopping and then we found our way back to our hostel on O'Connell Street. At around 3pm (Dublin time) some of the girls in room 27 started to trickle in to get ready for their final dinners in Dublin. 

GMC ate dinner at Gallagher's Boxty House.  The food was incredible! Some people ordered traditional Irish food like Boxty's, Irish stews, corn beef, cabbage, and mash. 

For desert, we decided to go back to The Elephant Castle. The group presented Ms. Pierantozzi and Brigid O'Brien with a thank-you note and a toast! 

For the remainder of the evening, everyone went out and enjoyed some live music at the Merchant's Arch pub.  The trip was really one of the best experiences I've ever had.  I hope you have all enjoyed our blog as much as we have loved sharing it all with you!

--Kate Taylor

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